June 23, 2015
William Hill
August 10, 2015

“These types of savings would not have been possible or certainly not executed as effectively by anyone else.

RetailTeam has been able to offer us proactive hands on approach to cost improvement, taking ownership of each project and delivering excellent cost savings. Along with excellent customer service, product and deliveries.”

– Grafton Group plc

The Challenge

Grafton Group’s office supplies were initially being ordered from several different suppliers across all their brands which proved to be time consuming and costly. Prices were continuously inconsistent between suppliers without clear explanations and advice.

Their aim was to find a national supplier that could consolidate everything they needed into one source to reduce the number of orders and indirect costs and gain better visibility and control over their total company spend.

The Solution

RetailTeam’s Tail Management programme transformed the way Grafton Group operated across each brand by consolidating their supplies into a single source and combined all their various monthly invoices into one, which gave a clear breakdown of costs from each division. Grafton Group was able to retrieve their GNFR products within the Tail Management initiative, streamlining product lines and achieving advantageous cost reductions.

They could spend more time focusing on other areas of the business with a clearer insight on their expenses and increased control over their overheads. A bespoke online ordering platform was implemented, which offered online management reporting tools, product comparison alternatives and easy navigation throughout the site, tailored to Grafton Group’s specific requirements.

It was important to them that compliance could be achieved quickly so they could benefit from any savings. A dedicated team of our RetailTeam Account Managers were always available to answer any day to day queries surrounding products as well as providing advice and information. Grafton Group benefitted from RetailTeam’s Management Improvement Assessments which enabled accurate forecasting; proactive budgeting figures and solutions on any areas for development.

Grafton Group continued to make many savings across their product lines due to our single source solution and as a result, encouraged them to take advantage of additional services within RetailTeam’s unique portfolio.

Grafton Group achieved great cost reductions, saving 40% of their total EOS spend. We sourced and introduced compatible specialised toners, financed the cost of bringing them into stock and charged Grafton Group an improved rate in which they paid as they used them. This resulted in some cartridges being 60% cheaper compared to previous manufacturers.

Who is Grafton Group plc?

Grafton Group plc is a major player in the builders and plumbers merchants industry bringing together some of the industry’s best known brands such as Buildbase, Plumbbase, Civils & Lintels, Selco Builders Warehouse and Jackson Building Centres. They trade from nearly 500 locations across the UK and Ireland and employ approximately 4,500 staff and have a turnover in excess of £1bn.