How Important Is POS In Driving Revenue For Retailers?

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November 26, 2015
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The point of sale or POS is the key consumer touch point for many brands, especially in consumer goods, that reflects the moment of truth in a consumer’s purchasing process. It refers to all efforts that increase sales at the point of purchase.

The importance of POS

Point of sale marketing is a key part of the marketing mix. It can work hand-in hand with other marketing materials to remind customers of the product as well as offering incentives to buy.

In the wake of some of the key revenue dates, a successful merchandising strategy will use point of sale to engage the active shopper into purchasing, thus growing sales and increasing profit. Retailers can use POS displays cleverly to increase their customer average basket value as well as build customer loyalty, and finally engage new customers.

The way consumers shop has evolved; we are a lot more technologically savvy and spending more time online. Despite this, 90-93% of all purchases are still made inside physical stores.*

5 tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your point of sale

  • Position – This is a key part of any point of sale display. The positioning of this can make or break your sales. Ensure any point of sale is next to, or near, the till, this gets the customer thinking about the purchase while they’re queuing to pay and can result in an impulse buy.
  • Variety – Make sure you make the most of point of sale materials available, to maximise exposure to your customers. We can provide you with a selection including; large format posters, floor/window vinyls/decals, wobblers and much more.
  • Frequency – Changing the point of sale display frequently keeps the customer experience fresh and exciting. Short-run displays are ideal as they are more noticeable and catch the customer’s eye each time they are changed.**
  • Packaging – Think about ‘ready for retail’ packaging that makes for an easy set-up as well as easy dismantling once the promotion has finished. You also want to consider investing in materials that convey a clear message and allow the customer to make a quick informed decision.
  • Aesthetics – We all know the value of producing something that is eye-catching. By producing an aesthetically pleasing display, customers are more inclined to buy the items.

Remember the intention is to draw the customers’ attention to the products on offer, promote the brand and ultimately increase profits.

How can RetailTeam help?

As a specialist division of OfficeTeam, RetailTeam has a vast product portfolio as well as a strong position in the marketplace.

Take a look at the printed materials we have produced for some of our customers.



















With over 700 retail customers, RetailTeam provides the retail sector with a consolidated solution for GNFR. This includes any printed materials that may be required for your POS. We work with an extended network to ensure, no matter the type of materials required, we can provide you with something to suit your business needs.


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